Be Drawn by Grace, Not Driven by Expectations

Identity dictates behavior. Who or what has given you your identity? Are you living in the freedom that is yours, or bound by expectations and anxieties that you were never meant to live by?

Maybe it’s time for you to Follow the Cloud. What does that mean? It’s a reference to the Israelites when they were in the desert – by day, God had them follow Him – in cloud form. When the cloud moved, they moved.

In other words, to Follow the Cloud means that you actively seek God to see where He is moving, and then you courageously take a next step – creating new space behind you so that others can take their next step – no matter HOW SMALL that next step is. You Follow the Cloud without letting doubt, fears or anxieties take you off course, keeping you from what you were born to do.

To Follow the Cloud means you will go places, do things, discover truths, and find a freedom you have never experienced before.

For too many years I lived with fear and anxieties that kept me in bondage – in my home – isolated – alone – purposeless – fraught with unexplainable health issues – and completely miserable. I could not go on. I had to find a better way. So I began to intentionally dig deeper and find the root cause of my miseries.

As I began to discover God’s truth in my life, the light of that truth began to reveal all the lies I had built up and believed for years. Lies that kept me believing I had no purpose, no worth, and no reason to exist. Those lies were heavy, heavy chains that kept me from doing anything. What I finally realized was that those lies were not of God, and He came here so that we would all be set free. He wants to see those lies abolished in your life as well.

Once truth began to replace the fears, anxieties, expectations, and the desire I had to try and control everything – I began to experience an unbelievable kind of freedom. Very small at first – but over the last several years of this continued journey of freedom, there have been miracles, health issues resolved, relationships restored, and a new love for myself and others I never knew was possible. Purpose and passion flow freely from my heart and I can do things now that I had never been able to do before.

Please, do not tie your identity to the anxieties that are trying to control your life. That is not how you were meant to live. Identity dictates behavior. Begin today to find your true identity – in light and truth and purpose and love. Today – it’s time to Follow the Cloud. #iFollowTheCloud     #ARMyourselfWithTruth

Drawn by Grace, Not Driven by Expectations


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