I believe we have all been given talents – gifts that when used and shared, will bring joy and improve not only your life, but also the life of others.

Whether it’s bringing beauty to our environment through art, architecture and our household surroundings, or nurturing the soul through hospitality, acts of service, worship, encouraging or educating others, we are all given the ability to fill a need and offer the world our gifts in a way that only we can.

We fulfill our purpose by being the person God created us to be – free of titles, position, and denominational values – finding our value fully in Him, which includes telling our story, as only we can, to others who need help getting through the ups and downs of life.

It is only in telling our story that our true selves – scars and all – can be revealed. We can only be loved to the extent we are known – through our story.

As far as what I do:

I am a TV Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter, Content Developer, Editor, Publishing Project Manager, and Purpose-Finder.

I am all about Writing Truth, Speaking Purpose, and Living Free.

This is accomplished by a three-step process:

  1. Evaluate and document the past to discover the truth about who you were created to be by identifying and removing false beliefs that keep you from living your best life possible.
  2. Cultivate and develop your story, life lessons, tips, and actionable steps that can help improve life today for you and all those who look to you for leadership and guidance.
  3. Radiate truth and freedom with grace to help pave the way for a more hopeful and purposeful future.

I work in three main areas of media:

  • Television – I am a Producer, Researcher, and Screenwriter for On This Site – a Texas-based documentary-style television show telling the stories of a borderland, a nation, and a legend – based on the truth behind the Historical Markers of Texas that people drive by every day without really knowing what happened there. (If this interest you, please feel free to join our active Facebook Community!)
  • Book Publishing – I have been a ghostwriter for 20+ non-fiction Authors, and for many of them, was also the project manager who saw the book from idea to publication. I have worked with a variety of publishers that include on-demand (Amazon), traditional, and self-publishing platforms. Books of focus are non-fiction gems of tips, advice, stories, memoirs, and more – created to help people improve various aspects of life, business, and relationships.
  • Online Media – Through my own life experiences with battling social phobia anxiety and a difficult past, I have started the Anxiety Release Movement which I share here on the Living Free Page, where I share my journey of truth and discovery with others, so that we can all live free.

For more information about me, or to connect with me regarding any of the services offered, please visit my LinkedIn profile page.