Spiritual Truth

Whispers of God

I love the whispers of God. Especially when He repeats Himself so clearly that I know without a doubt He is intimately involved in my life.

Last week I worked on some videos for my upcoming training on Intentional Living, and so before hand, I’m ‘pumping myself up’ to show energy and to convey a specific type of vibe. According to previous coaching and training for speaking, my preparation included a mantra I would mentally repeat to help me compensate for areas where I felt weak. “I’m confident and I have infinite value. I’m beautiful just as God made me and people are drawn to me…” Those phrases then got reduced down to a 3-word chant of “I’m Confident, Worthy, Appealing. I’m Confident, Worthy, Appealing…”

Then, before hitting the record button, something stopped me in my tracks. I felt compelled to ask, “God, that is what others have told me I need to convey as I speak, but what do You want me to convey?”

Instantly, the word ‘humility’ was whispered to me. Hmm, I know that Word wasn’t from me because my human nature does not first go to humility. However, I knew that was a much better approach and that it was time to release my previous mantra.

Because I had three traits before, I wondered if there were two more traits to add. So I asked again, “Lord, what else would you have me convey?”

“Truth,” is what He whispered next. I smiled with confidence, knowing this was God, because truth, along with unwavering faith, is my whole foundation for living.

“Is there a third?” I asked.

“My gift of Love,” He whispered. I know without a doubt that His infinite Love covers everything.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

I went on to complete my videos – with a heart full of humility, truth, and love – and I felt great about the task I had completed for the day. It was late and I wanted to go straight to bed because doing videos wears me flat out. However, the Bible next to my bed was drawing me in.

I knelt down and my hands were guided to Psalm 45. Then God’s whisper and intimate love covered me like a warm, glowing blanket as He confirmed His words from earlier in the day.

“And in Your majesty ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness; And Your right hand shall teach You awesome things.” (Psalm 45:4)

I read those words and wept beside my bed. These were tears of overwhelming joy at knowing my heavenly Father cares about me so intimately that we can have these precious moments together – just He and me – where I can feel him close, speaking to my heart.

Most importantly, I have learned to be able to recognize his voice as words and thoughts impressed upon my heart. These are words I must steward well.

So, my new mantra for living is to do everything with humility, truth, and love. After all, we are cloaked in His righteousness, which is His ultimate love on display in our lives.

As I face challenge after challenge this week, this new mantra has proven to be an amazing game-plan for my life.

If you need a new focus for how to go about your day, or are unsure about how to handle a challenge you are facing, may I suggest you give this mantra a try: Today, I will display humility, truth, and love. This is a great way to walk in the character and power of Jesus Christ. I promise he won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

Because where he is taking you, is far better than where you’ve been.

May God and His grace help us all to live out each and every day with an abundance of humility, truth, and love.

8 2016 truth, humility and righteousness