Living Free

Life wasn’t meant to be consumed by anxiety. Instead of being reactive to the anxiety within us, it’s time to use that same energy to refocus on the freedom around us.

Sometimes it feels like fear has us in its grasp, so we control, over-analyze, withdraw, sabotage, and what-if circumstances and situations long after they have passed. But the thing is – sometimes it is us that is holding on too tight to fear.

By releasing our grip first, fear begins to lose its power and control. Eventually sweet moments of peace begin to appear.

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Truth 1  Truth 2 - Control is ill-fated illusionPicture1

Truth 3 - Perfectionism - fear that you aren't good enough  Truth 4 - CoDependency - we were not meant to please everyone - only THE one - #Anxiety

Truth 5 - Anxiety - Performance Driven vs Purpose Led  Truth 6 - Identity Determines Behavior - replace lies with the truth of who you were created to be