Speaking Purpose

Jennifer combines her own inspiring life experiences with concepts of growth, leadership, connection, and significant impact. Through talks, seminars, and workshops your audience will be educated, motivated, and challenged to first evaluate their life, their past, their false beliefs, and  the choices they’ve made, so they can cultivate a plan of action that will make life better today, to pave the way for a radiant future full of hope and purpose.

As they learn how to live more intentionally in all areas of life, they will have the tools they need to consistently grow as a leader and person of influence.

Entrepreneurial Topics:
• Words Matter – Are You Representing Yourself Effectively?
• Is Your Niche Narrow Enough to Grow Your Business?
• The KLT (Know-Like-Trust) Factor: You Need It, Here’s How to Get it!

Professional & Personal Development Topics:
• Identity Determines Behavior – Who are you?
• Stop Anxiety from Robbing You of Productivity, Relationships, and a Fulfilling Life
• Improve your future by Mining Your Past for G.O.L.D.
• Leading Yourself Beyond (Overcoming Obstacles)
• Identity Determines Behavior – What or Who are You Allowing to Define You?

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