Personal Growth

I Choose More…

The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it’s time to thrive. Get out of survival mode. New habits, new life!

Lacey Pruett Author and Coach

I’m so thankful for friends who post and share their life. This quote was an amazing realization for me because I was just questioning why I have so many personal writing projects left undone, and why I was I feeling so depressed and unconnected. I will 100% get behind someone else’s project and get ‘er done, but when it came to getting my own story out there… (*crickets*)

Then, another friend I was visiting with asked, “So, what project are YOU working on right now?”

I shook my head, “I’m not working on anything. I’m too exhausted to think and be creative… and I think that’s the excuse I’ve used for the last 5 years – since the LAST time we talked!”

She helped with some tough love and I came to understand that the very thing that gives me energy and joy, is the very thing I was running from… running scared.

Well… no more.

It’s time to thrive and build some new pathways in my thought patterns to replace some 50+-year-old ruts!!

I’m so weary of just surviving and living in the “gotta make the donuts” realm of life.

It’s time to write again, shine again, and come out of the shadows.

I’ve missed me… and I’ve missed you – my friends.

It’s ok to not be ok – but it’s not ok to stay that way…

Thankfully, with God, there is ALWAYS MORE – and I choose more.